Tuesday, July 12, 2011

About this blog

This is your standard 'Hello World' post but introductions matter so we do them.

I've been playing Magic the Gathering for a very long time now and have about 150 decks built, including Commander decks. I am hoping that by writing about one deck a week and then playing that deck, given the opportunity, then reporting back on those games, I can learn more and improve those decks, as well as give people who know me a chance to see what I've built and why, and provide them with a chance to comment on those decks. Either to give ideas or just stare quizzically at them, that's up to them.

I'll be reviewing/analyzing one deck a week, that's content for nearly three years and that assumes I talk about nothing BUT my decks. Which I won't because people do not start blogs so they can just be narcissistic dickmonkeys.

Hm. Nevermind, that's exactly why they do that and I am not immune. That said, while there will be comments on events, cards, situations and plays, and even people as relevant, my goal is not to peel back a layer of skin on anyone. I believe good games end with people happier than they were before, so I doubt there will be exposes of any sort, though I do hope this will provide a window into how I think, build decks and play.

There will be occasional nsfw language but for the most part that should be all you'll have to deal with and the comments will be either about Magic or related to i.e. games played, situations dealt with, etc. Decks will be brought up either as new ideas punch through, new revelations pop up, massive failures ensue or just because. I want to talk about them all but sometimes a new deck that is failing will provide more to discuss than a sword I've readied for battle.

When I play online, I use Cockatrice and my username is Smokescreen. Otherwise, I tend to play in pubs, because as a buddy once said: "This just goes better with beer."

Finally, I have another blog where I talk about brewing and you can find that over yonder.

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