Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Cast List

I'm noting that I'm talking about people I play with on this blog and there's hardly any basis for knowing who the heck these people are. So let me do some introductions of the people I often play with (or reference)--and update this page as needed.

Fuz is one of my oldest friends and we got into Magic at the same time. We've been playing for close to twenty years. He likes decks that have a lot of resilience and can easily recover from board-wipe level setbacks.

Jason and I lived together for a while in the early '00s and would spend nearly every weekend playing game after game of Magic until the wee hours of the morning. He likes building weird decks that usually attack the opponent's ability to play from from their own library, be it milling as a victory condition (the most common method) or a combination of Leveler/Shared Fate.

stonethorn sees the game through a more professional lens, often using tech that comes out of the pro tour. That isn't to suggest that he doesn't take his own spin on things just that he tends to start with the best ideas provided.

Noah likes to see goofy ideas executed...mostly by someone else. The exception to this is Commander, where he'll indulge a weirder but definitely more lockdown oriented strategy. Otherwise, he seems to like decks that can get out from under countermagic easily.

Lauriel has consistently impressed me with her abilities to build draft decks and her luck in getting good sealed pools is outstanding. She tends to tilt towards multiplayer games when not involved in drafts which often means her decks are looking at the long game.

Matt likes to try and bring old-school Legacy decktypes back when he can, like Stasis. When he isn't doing that, he tends to skew towards the Commander format.

Caitlin I don't know well; she and Matt are both newer to me and I often play them in multiplayer. She's pretty fluid with her deck choices though and has handily beat a table using Zur.

Sean I met through the Star City Games forums, back when they had them and he's a student of game design, in addition to being someone who is all about draft formats.

So when I talk about playing the game, these are the people I most often play with. So far.

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