Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Hysteria is a dumb album

I've been listening to music I've had for a long time, because I may have to move in 2015 and getting rid of CDs I don't care about anymore is less weight I have to carry. Some of those albums have been pretty solid and it's always nice to know you had at last some taste when you were younger.

But others...well, it's just hard to listen to a song like 'Women' and keep a straight face. Seriously, that whole album is blackout drunk levels of dumb. Still, that's what I did on my drive to meet up and test Defensor out more. Here's what I found out:

I need some creature removal, damnit. What that picture represents is a static board state that I should be able to take advantage of: He has two Assemble the Legion out but cannot block my flyers. I've got a Pariah on one of his creatures and Bubble Matrix in play so I don't have to do any blocking at all and Goblin Tinkerer can eat all the Obelisk of Urd my opponent can produce. I'm hitting him for five a turn which seems like a pretty good thing!

Except for one little trick: Trostani, Selesnya's Voice is in play. He's gaining far more life than I can manage and I don't have a way to re-establish the lock if I blow everything up.

It took awhile but eventually, he found a Gleeful Sabotage and was able to destroy the Bubble Matrix and the Pariah, before I could play a Desolation Giant (which I had) and a Pariah on the same turn (which I was looking for).

His life total was over 200 and there were over 100 soldiers on the table. I went down in a pretty epic fashion and if you're going to lose, "pretty epic fashion" is not a bad way to go. My opponent suggested that I needed a way to get rid of enchantments but Assemble the Legion wasn't my problem. Trostani was what kept him in the game.

Which means I need to make some changes. I've already replaced the Glittering Lynx with Goldenglow Moth as a vastly superior blocker with the potential to attack if equipped, and I've ordered a Hundred-Handed One to really muck up the blocking. Plus, one of the Bonesplitters has become a Godsend, to help create more problematic blocking issues. It's not enough, though.

So it's probably time to admit that Tolarian Entrancer is The Glory of Cool Things. Something else to deal with creatures beyond Desolation Giant is going to be required and I'm not sure what that is going to be just yet. I doubt I have any Path to Exile lying around, red damage doesn't fit the deck, which leaves blue to solve this problem. The question is, how?

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