Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Star Realms

When Jason and I met up over Thanksgiving, I thought we would probably play quite a bit of Magic. We have in the past and I don't get to test things out with him too often, so I like to take advantage of that.

Instead we played Star Realms almost exclusively.

Star Realms is a sci-fi themed deckbuilding game, along the lines of Ascension or Dominion. I found out about it in the Reddit boardgame area and got to try it out on my iPad for free.

Free is good. It certainly convinced me to pick up the game.

And that convincing led to a purchase because of some very balanced gameplay. Star Realms is pretty easy to set up/take down and once you get the hang of it, it is possible to have games where even if things are looking grim, you can come back to win it.

It's also very fast paced: you can get through one in under 20 minutes and be ready to play again easily. This is one of the more efficient games I've played and I'm liking it quite a bit. Check it out.

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