Friday, December 19, 2014


Defensor comes from my early deckbuilding days, where I like to take an idea (Fliers! Vigilance!) or card and just make it the one thing a deck did. Because of the use of Bubble Matrix, I named the deck after the great protector amongst the Autobots.
3 Lightning Angel
3 Desolation Giant
3 Masako the Humorless
3 Saprazzan Heir
3 Goblin Tinkerer
3 Glittering Lynx
3 Soltari Emissary
2 Tolarian Entrancer
3 Pariah
3 Catalog
3 Bonesplitter
4 Bubble Matrix

7 Mountain
6 Island
8 Plains
3 Thawing Glaciers

One of the things to remember is that at the time, Magic was often infested with cards-creatures, especially-that had drawbacks, often terrible ones. Glittering Lynx, for example is a card that needs its drawback removed to really be useful.

So along those lines, the idea was to gum up the works in combat by having cheap blockers and otherwise less than useful utility creatures become better with Bubble Matrix, and beat down with evasion creatures (Lightning Angel and Soltari Emissary especially). If those creatures don't show up, add a Bonesplitter to a Saprazzan Heir until they do.

The time has come to give this deck a bit of an overhaul.Starting with the 3 Thawing Glaciers, which should obviously become Mystic Monastery.

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