Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Gorram Blue

Post holidays I have found myself exhausted. Too many late nights; wine, women & song, you know? I managed to get a few games against Fuz but my brain just wasn't going to brain very well and I had to cut the evening short. I hate doing that.

I decided on Rapid Hybridization (although I was really looking for Pongify) as a great answer to my removal problem. I was looking forward to having that light spot removal as needed, especially with a deck that doesn't care if you have creatures.

But instead what I got was a lesson in: What happens when two decks are playing along different victory lines and one of them is blue.

Fuz is playing a blue milling deck using Jace's Phantasm as a win condition with, as seen, Phantasmal Image to copy them.  5/5 fliers are not easy to handle.

But, if that win condition doesn't work out, he can just mill the opponent out, using cards like Downpour or Kaijin of the Vanishing Touch to stall. Basic draw cards (Divination!) kept his deck consistent.

I am prepared for creature swarms and damage but not mill. Fuz beat me in long but not terribly challenging games, 2-1.

It is possible I'm going about this wrong, that Bubble Matrix belongs in a deck with Black in it for removal purposes, white for Pariah and Blue for...everything blue does. I'm loath to change the colorscheme, though because there just aren't decks out there where Desolation Giant becomes useful.

So it's back to Gatherer I go to do a search, this time for red cards that say 'Destroy'. This might be a more useful endeavor. Aftershock alone fits this theme better than I might have thought.

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