Thursday, January 29, 2015

Let You Down

This is not a problem I like having.

Three White cards, not a single source of white mana to speak of. This is a good excuse to run the deck through the Deck Stats generator to make sure I'm running enough sources of white.

Turns out, I'm shy on red mana! And I'm running 25 lands, which might be a bit much.

However, there's a bigger tweak to be made, coming out of games I played on Cockatrice against Fuz. He's playing a Rakdos the Defiler deck and that fucker is MEAN.

Sure, it's a pretty neat trick when I can Harm's Way Rakdos into making Fuz sacrifice twice the number of permanents he needs to but I still can't kill Rakdos and that is a very big problem.

I explained some of the issues I was having with the deck, including the need to find something that was both Red and Black in order to trigger Dega Sanctuary regularly. Ideally, I told Fuz, something that was an enchantment, to provide me with ways to trigger Dega Sanctuary.

"Everlasting Torment?" he joked, which brought a wry smile and I admitted I didn't have any ideas, beyond doing a search at Gatherer.

"How about Mogis, God of Slaughter?"

Oh. My. God.

Let's try a new list:

3 Loxodon Warhammer

4 Dega Sanctuary
4 Mogis, God of Slaughter

3 Solemn Offering

4 Harm's Way
1 Char
2 Orcish Cannonade

4 Shinka Gatekeeper
2 Spiteflame Witch
3 Jackal Pup
2 Filthy Cur
4 Flesh Reaver

4 Nomad Outpost
7 Mountain
6 Plains
7 Swamp

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