Thursday, January 8, 2015

Seriously, Gorram Blue!

Fate Reforged Spoilers have begun!

And goddamnit, they have given Blue a card it had absolutely zero need of: easy, instant speed, creature removal: Reality Shift.

You know, just when the game starts to get more balanced from a color-pie perspective, a block like Khans shows up and throws it all away. Treasure Cruise and Dig Through Time are already so format warping that people are calling for them to be banned in Legacy and Modern. Did Blue really need a card that could take care of almost any creature and replace it with something that is a 2/2 nothing? Because the odds are heavily in the Reality Shift player's favor that they will be manifesting a land or spell, not a creature.

So your best creature is now a bear.

That's just ducky.

But wait, 'Blue has had Polymorph for years', you say, 'how is this any different!? Why isn't Curse of the Swine creating an outcry!'

Two ways; first, Curse of the Swine is a Sorcery and second, costs 3, minimum, to work. That is a lot of mana for Blue and arrives at an inconvenient time. Other Polymorph-like effects don't exile, which means that Green (Blue's primary adversary) White and Black can get potential mileage out of those destroyed creatures because they have graveyard interactions.

But instant speed permanent creature removal has never been a strong part of Blue's domain and Reality Shift's printing at uncommon means that they want to make the best color in Magic the best color in Magic.

That kinda sucks.


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