Thursday, October 11, 2012


It's a mono-white, artifact based deck that wants to blow everything up often.

So I guess I misnamed this one.
4 Ethersworn Canonist
4 Court Homunculus
4 Gold Myr
4 Razor Golem
3 Soulscour
4 White Sun's Zenith
3 Shrine of Loyal Legions
3 Scourglass
3 Pearl Medallion
4 Norn's Annex
23 Plains
1 Ancient Den
This is the deck's first draft and I have to say: it covers a lot of bases. The White Sun's Zenith helps ensure I'll be able to have some defense in the early game but provide some offense in the late game. Shrine of Loyal Legions does much the same. 

Soulscour and Scourglass give me a lot of resets that don't really touch my permanents and Pearl Medallion helps accelerate those big white spells that need to be cast. Norn's Annex can come out as soon as turn 3 to keep creatures from doing vast amounts of damage until I can get set up.

What this deck can't do, as I look at it, is deal with troublesome artifacts. For some people that wouldn't be a big deal but everyone I know seems to be running troublesome artifacts, from Birthing Pod to Mesmeric Orb, so to that end I think that I should take out the Court Homunculus, which really belongs in a more aggressive deck, and add in 4 Divine Offerings. This may not be the case, considering some of those artifacts are Wurmcoil Engine. Still, you can't prepare for everything and Divine Offering can give me life for opponent's artifacts as well as my own, should I need it. 

Let's give it a go!


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    1. That was a card I was trying to think of. It would do nice double duty too, taking out enchantments.