Thursday, November 8, 2012


This time, I'm going to work something out a little different. Named after the song by Rust, this deck was a bizarre takeoff on the UW control builds.

4 Coalition Flag
2 Serra's Embrace

4 Frost Raptor
4 Mistfolk
4 Willbender
3 Blinding Angel
3 Beloved Chaplain
1 Quicksilver Dragon

3 Ponder

2 Inspiration
4 Mana Leak
3 Dismantling Blow

9 Snow-Covered Island
9 Snow-Covered Plains
2 Flood Plain
3 Boreal Shelf

The basic plan was to combine cards like Mistfolk and Coalition Flag in order to nullify anyone's creature removal or enhancement by insisting it target my creatures and countering the kill spells while stealing the enhancements. Willbender allows me to retarget spells I need to while Blinding Angel shuts down attack steps.

Now the Azorus have returned with the Detain mechanic though, I have something that fits the deck's title a little better and perhaps ups my lock down elements a little more. It's time to take a hard look on this one and reshape it a bit.

The core of the deck: Blinding Angel, Willbender, Mistfolk, Coalition Flag, these are going to stay. Quicksilver Dragon, as much as I like it and it fits the theme, is a one-of and Beloved Chaplain-so good!- may be cut because it's not as thematic and because of the other cuts made to the deck.

Serra's Embrace, Dismantling Blow, Inspiration: these cards aren't bad but they could be cut for Martial Law, Inaction Junction and New Prahv Guildmage. Without Serra's Embrace, Beloved Chaplain isn't amazing so it may also need to be cut for something more versatile or helpful like Azorus Charm. Or, perhaps the Chaplains go and I keep Dismantling Blow because man are there a lot of artifacts and enchantments to destroy.

Either way, that's the direction I'm going to head in and we'll see what the testing brings.

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