Thursday, June 5, 2014

One Shot At Glory

This is possibly one of the purest combo decks I have ever designed/ripped off. I built it a few months ago, when I was inspired to put together some new decks, including Ephemeral and Skalor. In an effort to not ruin the surprise, I'll just leap to the decklist and talk about it afterwards.
4 Laboratory Maniac

3 Thought Lash
4 Planar Void
4 Web of Inertia

3 Force Spike
4 Catalog
4 Tolarian Winds
4 Dissolve
2 Foil

3 Doomsday
2 Read the Bones

2 Shelldock Isle
10 Swamp
10 Island
1 Polluted Delta
Because this is an all or nothing deck, I named it after the Judas Priest song. Here's what it does:

Draw from an empty library while Laboratory Maniac is on the table and win. That's it.

Everything else is there to a) whittle the library down: Doomsday, Thought Lash, b) protect me while I do that: Planar Void and Web of Inertia for the creature lock, Force Spike, Dissolve, Foil for everything else, and c) draw into what I need: Catalog, Tolarian Winds, Read the Bones, Shelldock Isle (to an extent).

And that's it. One Shot is an exercise in patience, because to get this to work I have to hold back on everything until I can just win. This is a very different mental exercise than most decks want me to engage in, so I look forward to taking it on the road.

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