Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Despite the record, I had a pretty good time at the SCG Legacy event last Sunday. This is entirely due to me deciding; Fuck it, let's play some games.

As a result, I never felt too riled up or fell into tilt when things didn't go my way. What's the point? I'm here to play some games. Let's go.

I faced BUG Delver decks twice and lost both of those matchups, in both cases because none of my sideboard cards (Choke and Pernicious Deed) appeared. I would win games-especially games where I was able to establish tempo, usually with discard or Tangle Wire-but if I couldn't get something established, I found myself on the bad end of cheap countermagic.

I also played against two Junk decks, (BWG running Stoneforge Mystic). I lost one of those matchups and this was where the first of my two big mistakes of the day kicked in. It's Match 2, game 2 and I'm at 7 life. My opponent has a Stoneforge with Jitte and Sword of Fire and Ice equipped. I have 4 mana, Natural Order, and no creatures.

Draw Khalni Garden, create Plant, Natural Order for...Progenitus. I recognize my mistake shortly after saying "Go," and surveying the board: Progenitus is red and blue, and Sword of Fire and Ice offers protection from those colors. The correct play would have been to go for Sylvan Primordal, destroy Jitte and then begin to wait for a Pernicious Deed.

The Junk deck I defeated? That was how I did it, although it came a little later in the game. My opponent, Adam, was very unhappy about this, grumpily signing his match slip and insisting how terrible this day was, complaining "I eliminate your hand and you topdeck into wins."

Well, that's one possibility or it could be that I kept your manabase to 3 lands maximum, forced you to discard your most potent threats, including Batterskull and Liliana, and you couldn't kill any of my creatures so my Gaea's Cradle stayed active and once I had 7 mana, dropping the topdecked Primordal to destroy your sole source of white mana really was a good idea.

If you're pissed off at the tournament, you should just drop and go home, instead of being a grouch.

I also beat a Miracles deck, again using discard to delay their board presence and Krosan Grip in game 2 to stop Divining Top activations.

My last matchup of the day was against Burn and in again in game 2, I made my second critical mistake of the day: down to 10 life and with Natural Order and two Eternal Witness in my hand, I decide that I should Natural Order, again, into Progenitus. I felt the clock would matter more, and I'd already seen one Price of Progress for 8, so why get Thragtusk?

I am promptly PoP'd down to zero. My opponent helpfully recommended that if he has a full grip, it's always better to go for lifegain and I nod, accepting that I made a mistake, thinking I could put more pressure on him than he could on me.

I think I let Progenitus go to my head; the card is so powerful that I would just presume that if I got it, I'd win. That did happen a couple times during the day but I started to rely on it too much and didn't quite use all my brainpower to get out of the jams I found myself in.

Still, a good day all and all and a good learning experience. I have some solid ideas about where to take this deck in the future, should I want to align myself that way. 

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