Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Mana, Mana, Mana

I lost five out of six games against Noah, often with way too many lands on the table and no threats.

"I don't understand," I said, "how can I keep getting flooded like this?"

"How many lands are you running?"


But the evidence was clear: Something was wrong. So I counted: 62 cards, 24 lands. Well, there's the problem right there, eh?

Not quite, but close.

Another four matches against Caitlin playing a Nic Fit variant, then Matt playing Sneak & Show and losing all of those matches made it clear that I need some more aggressive elements in this deck and maybe even less mana sources.

The first tweak I made was to add in two copies of Cavern of Souls, because that's all I own. This and Sliver Hive have some disadvantages insofar as Bone Harvest becomes difficult to cast but everything else seems to rock just fine. Plus, Cavern negates everything a Blue deck wants to stop me from doing.

I also added in Mortal's Resolve as a way to provide some counter/removal action in Green. Noah immediately countered with, "Why not Vines of Vastwood."

Indeed. Why not? (Why would be, because I am not very smart, sometimes).

A few more tweaks though and I might have something. Possible cards to consider may be Savage Summoning, Hunter's Insight or Wrap In Vigor,

I also may need to consider adding extra copies of cards that really did great work: Necrotic Sliver and Venom Sliver drew a lot of attention. What to cut might be problematic but the groundwork is there.

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