Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Kaseto Stampede

I was able to cast Overwhelming Stampede giving all my creatures +10 because my board looked like this:
That is a whooooole lot of snakes, including a Patron of the Orochi that was at 10/10, thanks to Oran-Reif counters and Seshiro the Anointed.

I couldn't win that turn, because Caitlin had a Sphere of Safety out, preventing me from attacking her with too many creatures, and Matt had enough tokens that taking him out wasn't possible either. I'm not complaining because they both took around 20 damage each and this set me up to eventually win the game. 

A few more tweaks happened because I can't stop myself. I didn't have a Leyline of Anticipation but I did have Kruphix and testing was quick to show me that Kruphix is not what I want. In a game against Noah, he brought out a Stormtide Leviathan and I said, "Welp, that's probably game," and 3 turns later it was.

"Don't you have anything for that?" he asked. I do, but I couldn't find my answers and Kruphix wouldn't have been one anyway. I split the matchup but I realized that this was not what I wanted.

Similarly, against stonethorn I found myself in a position where I wanted more answers and didn't have them. I also had a Shisato, Whispering Hunter in hand but didn't have a Sosuke's Summons. Sacrificing a creature every turn is not very valuable.

By now, I'm starting to get a little weary of this deck. It's been weeks and although I haven't written much over the holiday (happy holiday everyone!) I did play this Commander deck whenever the opportunity allowed. I even got some games in with Fuz a few nights ago. Turns out, having effects that tap all my creatures down and then bounce all my nonland permanents is bad for me. (Picture is of my board post Ensnare and Cyclonic Rift).

Still, that was only game two and for the first five turns of that game, all I really did was generate mana. Decks are easier to beat when they don't function well. I won the match, so things are still looking good for Kaseto. 

But Kruphix had to go. Paging through my mighty binders of cards, I came across a simple little card that let me fill that slot: Divination

It's cheap, especially for the Commander format, it allows me to dig further into the deck and it doesn't rely on any other numbers like Biomantic Mastery. Finally, it's easy. After such a long time letting this deck run through my brain, having an option that may not be great, but is certainly good enough, is nice to have. 

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