Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Karona, Come Back

It wasn't until I started playing with Fuz this weekend that I really noticed the trend I've been having with this deck. Namely: If I can get Karona on the board, even with a minimal presence, I go a tremendous way towards advancing my boardstate to victory.

Or, put simply: Karona = Winning.

I've often been reluctant to bring Karona out unless my board presence is stable, and what my games with Fuz illustrated for me last weekend was I'd forgotten what I'd designed the deck to do: get Karona's instability to work for me.

That doesn't mean I should be casting Karona willy-nilly, of course but I can think of a few games where I didn't make getting her on the table the kind of priority I should have. But I've said it before: Overrun wins games. Unless the matchup dictates otherwise, (say if I'm playing against Slivers) there's no reason why I shouldn't be pushing what my deck does do as hard as I can.

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