Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Too delicately balanced for comfort

So I've hit a roadblock.

Noah put it well, "They do a lot for enablers (for Madness) but they don't do much with Madness."

Bingo. There's a pretty narrow list of cards to use that are worthwhile and I'm using them. Except for lands, which I've changed for the better, no question about that.

But even when I look at cost appropriate enablers, I don't really see something worth swapping out. On the one side, that's good: this deck has set up a performance standard and is meeting it.

I played a few games against Noah and played well, winning a matchup against an Aetherworks deck, losing one against a Modern Blue control deck. Asking Noah after the match if he saw something that I had played incorrectly, he assured me that, given the information on the table, he thought I'd done alright.

On the other hand, it means that there isn't much room for me to innovate. There aren't really kinks in the armor to smooth out.  There are a couple questionmarks, to be sure: Reckless Wurm I'm not sure of but cutting red seems extremely unwise, because Fiery Temper is such a good card.

I may just have to give this deck a rest (from the blog, at least). Other cards will come along-other ideas will be presented. I'll keep this deck in my "to play" rotation so the visibility stays high.


  1. I know this is an expensive and crazy idea. But LED would be insane in that deck. Turn 1 4/4 trample. Yarg! Hell if you had a fiery temper you could bolt on the same turn.

    1. That would be awesome. And well out of budget. But still awesome!