Tuesday, April 11, 2017

I'd Be Better Off Dead

So I'm just going to throw us right into it:

Rite of Passage isn't good in this deck. I spent a chunk of games trying to see if it would work and the issue comes down to this: the only card that interacts with Rite is Wave of Reckoning. I'm better off trying to find another way.

I also incorporated Bant Charm in lieu of Dismantling Blow. Between Bant and Treva's charms, I have artifact and enchantment destruction, as well as a way to deal with creatures that survive a Wave.

But it didn't matter. Because as it turns out, there are a LOT of creatures that are really problematic and can survive a Wave of Reckoning. In this picture alone, we have Deathrite Shaman, Felidar Guardian and Juniper Order Ranger. Rite of Passage doesn't help me enough to deal with situations like this so it's time for me to let it go.

My first thought: Tamiyo, Field Researcher. I've liked this card for a long time and think it's a sleeper, one that hasn't been exploited yet.

Unfortunately, things didn't play out that way and I'm not sure if I'm to blame because I don't know how to use TFR yet, or because she's just not right for this deck. I'm thinking the latter, at the moment. It's even possible Planeswalkers might not be right for the deck, which is weird to say.

Which means I may need more creatures, or more inventive ways to push my agenda forward.

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