Thursday, October 13, 2011


Decklist! (I feel a little like the author of QC, announcing 'Comic!' when he doesn't have anything else to say.)
4x Bronze Bombshell
4x Chromeshell Crab

3x Vedalken Plotter
4x Zedruu the Greathearted

4x Dead/Gone
4x Dismantling Blow
4x Oblation

4x Delusions of Mediocrity
4x Journey to Nowhere
1x Temple Bell
1x Howling Mine

8x Island
5x Mountain
8x Plains

2x Glacial Fortress
Ah, the Zedruu deck. Named Groove after the mellow Transformer Protectobot...I actually recommend this link instead, as it explains the OG personality of Groove without descending into 'dirty hippy' bullshit. 
/I loved the Transformers as a kid.

Anyway, I took that name because this deck wants to give things away. Sure, those things aren't very helpful but as a path to victory it's pretty different and feels less dirty than filthy Confusion In The Ranks decks.
/I'll get you someday....

The goal is to a) use cards like Journey to Nowhere, Vedalken Plotter, Delusions of Mediocrity and Howling Mine to use as ways to accelerate and stall until Zedruu gets going b) draw cards off Zedruu and donate useless things like Journey or Mine while pushing cards like Delusions or Bombshell on my opponents c) win via Bombshell donated detonations, Delusion donate-then-destroy interactions (as the controller of the permanent, my opponent will lose 10 life if it leaves play under their control) or beat down with their best creature by using Chromeshell Crab to take it from them. It's not perfect but there's some options there that make things crazy for opponents and give me multiple options to win.

felt like a missing link when I saw it. Something that allows me to kill a small annoying creature and bounce one of my own that I've donated? Sign me up! I'm not opposed to just bouncing a large attacking creature, too, if I haven't had a chance to get things going.

That's the start; let's see how it does!

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