Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Zero At The Point Of It All

I got to test against Fuz's Wallfinity deck-a pretty interesting matchup because our two decks don't want to interact with each other much; some of my cards are dead in hand-like Aether Flash or Hull Breach, yet his creatures can't blank mine forever so he needs to get his combo set up as soon as he can.

In game one, not knowing what he was playing, I had my best setup: Forest, Tinder Wall, turn 2: land, Aether Flash.

Then the walls came out and 0/4 creatures don't care about taking two damage when they come into play. I was going to need another Aether Flash to really make a difference here but I wasn't going to get it, so I ramped into a Blastoderm and started attacking.

Fuz started taking damage and when I followed up with a Spellbreaker Behemoth, he started to search for walls as fast as he could. I had him at five life when he used Vent Sentinel to hit me for five, then tapped two Overgrown Battlements to cast Hurricane for 15, killing us both.

"I'm OK with the tie," he said.

He won game two, again on the back of a large Hurricane and I won the next game, casting a I cast an Aether Flash with a Hunted Dragon in hand. Then I dropped a Crater Hellion-and though unable to pay the echo, that wiped Fuz's entire board. The Dragon came out and he desperately tried to search for a Hurricane big enough to kill the Dragon but couldn't get there in time.

Our tiebreaker was a nail biter. I had to mulligan down to five cards and was short on mana. Despite getting an early Blastoderm out, I was unable to get any further pressure going and when a Wall of Tanglecord arrived, that was the end of my offense. The Vent Sentinel arrived and I was at 8 life when I finally got enough mana together to cast a Pyroclasm and a Firespout in the same turn, sweeping the board.

Fuz began to rebuild and I began to hope I could draw into something solid but alas, it wasn't meant to be. It was a hell of a comeback on my part but I ended up dying to Hurricane again.

Still, the fun of playing this deck is undiminished: Big creatures are awesome. I've made the following changes:

-2 Tuktuk
-1 Hull Breach
-1 Kavu Lair

+2 Ulvenwald Bear
+1 Indrik Stomphowler
+1 Garruk Packleader

Finally, there was one more round of Rid of You, this time against Zombies. I lost, miserably. Three games and I was unable to get anything going at all: no defense, no offense and in one game I managed to scry through more than 7 cards, but I couldn't get anything going.

I have to face it: Druidic Satchel is the Glory of Cool Things. It's come out, and Slagstorm has come in to replace it. I need every scrap I can to forestall my opponents in order to get the combo online and the Satchel doesn't do enough here-as much as I love the card!-for me to keep it.

Sometimes I just have to accept it and move on.


  1. Actually, I want to say that you won the last game, at both places. I might be wrong with the wall deck, but you did clock my zombies in the last game (with your UG aggro).

  2. I do recall the UG deck winning-but that's a deck for another discussion.

    I couldn't precisely remember if I won out against the Wallfinity deck or not: I know the last one was a nailbiter and I remember Hellion saving me in one game, with the Dragon going the distance and losing the game where I had the double fire sweep...but the specifics elude me.