Tuesday, May 21, 2013

That's Mine Now

I managed to get in a couple games with Chop Shop and I have to say; it's a lot of fun to play. Very hit and miss but still entertaining and maintaining enough deliberate choices that if I get wrong, can cost me.

I got in a match against stonethorn, who had mocked up a GRW Allies build (perhaps preparing for new Slivers?) because after the Modern event, this was his response: screw it, I'm having fun and making Allies to mess with you.
So yeah. In the photo, you can see how that's working out for him, as I've used Sphinx Ambassador to steal, among other things, his Sun Titan. This was game three which had him starting off slow and was probably won the moment I went all in on the dick move by Confiscating his (at the time) one source of white mana.

I don't always steal your lands, but when I do, it's because you're fucked.

I don't want to give the impression that it was all sunshine and roses though; Allies is a tough build and I lost game one to a beatdown that felt inevitable. My third game was won due to the fortune of mana screw, but I'll take it.

I played one more game against Noah, who was running an aggro version of Scapeshift. I was able to Bribery out his Primeval Titan, putting me one turn away from the win...and then he cast Scapeshift and was able to kill me off. Happens.

I have found only one glaring weaknesses in this deck yet. I mean yes, of course there could be 'stronger' card selections but that's almost always the case. That said, I've had multiple games with Commandeer in my hand and lacked a target for it. Creatures are just so critical these days that this spell often lacks targets so I'm wondering if this might be a better fit for a Commander deck. It's been years since I've updated the cards in Chop Shop so there is bound to be something that takes your stuff and is pleasantly effective. 

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