Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Data Gap

One match. Sigh. Would you believe I've been trying to find more people to play with? It's a slow process, I guess.

Now, in this case Who Can It Be Now? did exactly what it was supposed to. The first game had my opponent stuck on two land and the second, pictured, also ended badly for her when I was able to swing with two Pathrazers and a Pelakka Wurm on the same turn.

But I still kept wondering about all those tiny creatures. Any disruption, be it in discard or instant removal from my opponent and it probably would have been a very different game. I should expect this kind of disruption and adjust accordingly.

The card that has felt the deadest throughout has been Through the Breach. I never want it, I never Gamble for it and it is just a stopgap before I land a Sneak Attack because I cannot Breach and win. I have to Sneak and win. So it is time to cease stopgap measures. Pyroclasm kills enough creatures that running two is just a smart idea and will hopefully extend the turns I have to get the board set up.

Finished listing:

4 Seething Song

2 Pyroclasm
3 Gamble
3 Reforge the Soul

3 Pathrazer of Ulamog
2 Pelakka Wurm
3 Dragon Tyrant
2 Nicol Bolas
1 Bloodfire Colossus
4 Penumbra Wurm

4 Lotus Petal
3 Defense Grid

4 Sneak Attack

1 Smoldering Crater
14 Mountain
1 Dwarven Ruins
2 Sandstone Needle
4 Forgotten Cave

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