Friday, April 4, 2014

One Card

It seems like all the gaming I got in over last weekend was...(almost) all the gaming I was going to get in at all!

Well. Lame. And that's on top of some personal lameness, too. Bah.

Which is to say that I didn't really come to the realization that I hadn't looked for Rootbound Craigs until late last night. Found none.

The alternatives aren't very appealing because they involve lots of money but I did crack open the Guildpact binder and find a solitary Gruul Turf that looked awfully lonely. And I know that I said that this deck really couldn't use more ETB tapped cards BUT the Turf has the potential to interact with the Temples of Abandon, while at the same time providing me with the mana to cast damn near anything I need to (or bloodrush it), once I untap.

So I dropped one in for a Forest and managed to get a game in with Noah, who was playing a Legacy-legal version of Birthing Pod.

And you know what? That matchup didn't go as badly as you might think. Hammer Mage and Scryb Rangers give this problems by attacking the base card (Birthing Pod) and being problematic for many of the important creatures like Baleful Strix. The games were entertaining and had enough challenge that I didn't feel like I was just durdling around while Noah found awesome creatures and beat the crap out of me.

He did win though, 2-1. I was outpowered, regardless of everything else but when I have a good matchup like that, I think that I should keep this deck in rotation because it's probably one tweak away from being really good.

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