Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I Can Hear The Battle Cry

I don't hate One Shot At Glory.

But it isn't as compelling to me as I would like it to be and that may have something to do with an inability to see what it needs. For example; I played a few matches against Fuz last weekend and there were boardstates that looked like this:

He's playing Vent Sentinel.deck neither of us are really doing anything to interact with the other. Matchups like that happen sometimes but this picture seems to be indicative of the issues I was having: this deck is very, very one dimensional and I can't seem to accelerate this deck against decks where there is no interference and thus end the game in an expedient manner and against the decks where I need to slowroll everything, I can't quite get the soft lock into play!

Or, the reverse happens: Fuz played his zombie deck and I managed to get out Thought Lash in time to be milled to death. Goddamn 3x Undead Warchief...

The inclusion of Temple of Deceit has been a good one: getting to check that next card for free is pretty awesome. Questionmarks have included Force Spike, which is great against tightly built decks that don't have margin for error, but is less amazing as time goes on and inevitably time does go on with One Shot At Glory, and Tolarian Winds but I am chalking that up to not having enough cantrips and/or not knowing how to play the deck.

Sigh. I don't know what to do here. It's not a bad deck. It's poses some interesting problems and isn't one that allows me to autopilot it. Yet it also doesn't seem to have the components to just crush opponents and I really don't know what I'm missing or maybe more accurately, what could be sacrificed in order to take this deck up to a higher level.

On my walk today, I realized that I am using up three slots for something I do not need. Thought Lash and Doomsday are doing things that I don't necessarily need duplicated. One or the other, sure but maybe if I just pick one and freed the other three slots to accelerate or protect the deck's win condition, I would be better off.

For now, I guess it just sits in regular rotation and I'll see what happens when I just throw it to the wolves, without the need to take notes.

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