Thursday, September 25, 2014


Years ago after many, many defeats and tired of dealing with Jason's shenanigans, I finally went all in on a control deck that had one thing to say:

If you play anything, fuck you.
4 Sphere of Law
4 Pyrostatic Pillar
4 Rune of Protection: Red
4 Spellshock

2 Shatterstorm
3 Rout
1 Cave-In
2 Energy Bolt
3 Slice and Dice
2 Rolling Thunder
1 Steam Blast

3 Renewed Faith
2 Allay
2 Starstorm

2 Battlefield Forge
2 City of Traitors
9 Plains
10 Mountain
Because I could. And because every other idea I had sucked. I named this after the Motorhead song, because I felt like I should have a deck named after a song of theirs.

Given the build, you might surmise that this deck hasn't been looked at in many years and you'd be right. I still remember how it works though: Use Rune of Protection: Red or Sphere of Law to prevent any damage that comes from Pyrostatic Pillar or Spellshock. Sphere of Law is the superior option, because it responds to each trigger of the Pillar or Spellshock without the use of mana. However, the Rune cycles so I can just dump it when I don't need it and cycling is pain free under a Pillar or Spellshock.

This is also the logic behind using Cave-In or Slice and Dice: free or pain free options. Rolling Thunder or Energy Bolt have the advantage of spells over three mana, thus not getting stung by Pyrostatic Pillar, at least.

The rest: Allay, Shatterstorm, Rout, are all there to keep those difficult permanents in check. But it's clearly time to give this deck an upgrade. Plus, I get to practice with this deck which requires me to play a more defensive game than I'm used to, so it should be interesting!

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