Thursday, June 25, 2015

One By One: Notes

I did this with Monster Man and it helped give me a handle on what I should with that deck. Since I was gone for a week, I didn't have much opportunity to play but I did have some time to do some goldfishing while I was in the airport. There isn't much; being brainfried and trying to goldfish seems like a good combo but it really isn't so great for writing.

So here it is:
Weathered Wayfarer and Martyr of Ashes don't really do much for me. Martyr is a solid enough card but it needs to be maximized. Wayfarer gets land but so what?

Need more white creatures with 2< and 1cmc.

Also; mana fixing. More of that. The insertion of RW lands so I can reliably play Glorious Anthem or Pianna is a necessity. Miiight be worth replacing Anthem with Curse but I am not sure yet.

Removal is a question for this reason, along with the Proclamation of Rebirth--I don't know how useful or needed these are until I see them.
Now, despite acknowledging the weaknesses, I'm going to get a few matches in as is so I can confirm against an actual opponent if I'm on the right path but those are my ideas for now.

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