Thursday, May 12, 2016

No, Outpost Siege, You Fool

My evaluation of Collected Company for sealed formats was wrong.

Let's just get that out there up front. I was wrong. After a match one loss where I was able to cast CC in three games and missed every time, I figured I'd give Outpost Siege a shot.

And man, did that card shine. Opponents had no answer for it and the card advantage it provided allowed me to grind through games in matches two and three that I would've fallen short in, otherwise.

Of course, in match two, game two, this happened:

What I have is 10 lands in play. The two cards in the lower left? That is my hand, set down so I could take the picture. One of those cards is a land, too.

So out of the 17 lands in my deck, 11 of them got drawn and that was why I lost. Matt suggested after our match that I was running one too many lands and while that doesn't seem possible, it was likely correct. I adjusted the deck again between my second and third match, minus one Forest, adding Atarka Efreet instead.

While I won my third match, I'm not sure if the Efreet/Forest swap made any difference. I didn't seem to be low on mana but my sample size isn't big enough.

Still, 2-1 isn't awful and I'm looking forward to the next round of building.

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