Thursday, April 27, 2017

Safe In Mind

I've got a double dose for you today! Because reviewing an old deck for the third time is kinda cheap, here's the new stack I'm working on!

This is an odd duck, I'll give ya that.Then again, UNKLE is an odd band (with some cool songs).
4 Seizan, Perverter of Truth
2 Stormscape Familiar
3 Urborg Emissary
2 Nightscape Familiar

4 Words of Wisdom
3 Rites of Refusal
3 Rushing River
3 Vex
3 Arcane Denial
3 Clutch of the Undercity

4 Dark Suspicions

3 Sickening Dreams

4 Sunken Ruins
1 Mikokoro, Center of the Sea
7 Island
9 Swamp
2 Bad River
What the heck is going on here?

Dark Suspicions is what's going on here.

The plan is to use Blue bounce spells and some countermagic with the drawback of allowing my opponent to draw cards to keep my opponent's hand full, use stack interactions between Dark Suspicions and Seizan, Perverter of Truth to cause my opponent to draw cards and lose life, then suffer from the Dark Suspicions trigger as they will likely have more cards in hand than I do.

The familiars are there to make my spells cheaper, which comes in handy on multiple levels, allowing me to not only play spells cheaper but play more of them, in order to reduce my hand size. Sickening Dreams and Rites of Refusal allow me keep my hand on the slimmer side, as discarding a hand full of land can be beneficial on multiple fronts. Clutch of the Undercity is there to help me find Dark Suspicions but gets to serve double duty once I have Suspicions out by bouncing a difficult permanent, thus possibly increasing the damage Suspicions does. And who doesn't love Mikokoro? That and Words of Wisdom are there to keep me moving through cards.

With the new themes of hellbent (or 1-0 cards in  hand) rising up in Amonkhet, this might be a neat time to see if there is anything new to add to this deck. Bontu the Glorified could be a cool addition and a way to use familiars once they've lost value!

And we'll see how this stacks up!

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