Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I turned to stonethorn and said:
"I will never. Loose. To Allies. Again."


He gave a short laugh and gave me a tiny 'Aw, c'mon' look.

And I smiled, because I wanted to let him know I wasn't actually angry.

But I was serious. Anyone playing Allies against me is the player to beat. The deck has snatched victory from the jaws of defeat too many times for me to think any less of it and I will consider it the foremost threat, all other things being equal on a board.

Now there are two things that can happen here: 1) Through variance, the player of the Allies deck (could be anyone-you play the deck first, then the player) suffers beatdown until new decks are built or 2) the Allies player builds a better and better deck, with the mentality being: Fine, you're coming after me, then bring it.

So long as this is done with a healthy sense of fun, I don't see a problem with either scenario and truthfully, I'd prefer to see both happen from time to time, deck to deck. People should be on both ends of the beatdown and it's always good to have a reason to improve a deck.

But sometimes, you just gotta say; You do that again, I'm gunnin' for ya.


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  2. But, I want to run this in the U/W Allies Bounce deck.

    But seriously, I never intended to play the deck that evening. I built it to play against ProfX (Richard), who has grown to love the U/W Allies Bounce deck and I wanted to build a "Mirror" deck to compete against him with.

    I've grown quite bored of my deck selection and hope to have a few more ready for next time (You never did get to play that Platinum Emperion deck that Cedric and I jousted over).

    But... yes, Allies... kinda fun, until I see the shock and rage on faces.

  3. Don't misunderstand; great decks are meant to be played. If you don't have great decks to play, how do you get better players, better games? How does someone who is new to the game deal with someone like me who's got time, without great decks to play?

    And the tables really haven't been turned, when I've played a deck you just die to--and that's hard to come by in a way, because I have so much variance. But when it happens, you'll get to hate it and it'll be on me, you know?