Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Skip day

I hate to do this but the truth is: I just don't have anything quite ready for today. I don't want to talk about a deck until Thursday, since that will give me more time to play and then talk about it next week. The gaming session last night was good but any grist for the mill it might've provided is still grinding away.

So instead of halfassing it, I'm taking a day to recover and I'll kick it up again Thursday.


  1. aw nuts I was hoping you'd want to meet up with me and the girls at the hungry Tiger too around 5 or so later today for some multiplayer. welll either way we'll be there til 7 or 8 depending... one of the girls has a green mohawk she's hard to miss

    1. Ach; if it was nearly any other day I'd be in, but Wednesdays are booked for me.

    2. I'm going to the draft at Portal Games on Monday and Rogue as well for some beers if you can make it(I know you normally do your magic thing monday but worth a try)
      I normally have my lucky Jason Vorhees shirt on

    3. It'll depend on how late everything goes: I sometimes drop by Portal on my way to Bailey's to pick up .50 rares but the games at Baileys can go until 11.

      And I'm usually in a gray fedora with a black band.