Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Soradyne Evaluation

This is what Soradyne looked like when it was all laid out, before six men spent twenty minutes shuffling everything up in order to build fake packs for Sealed play.

Lotta cards, ennit?

Still, we managed to get thing shuffled up and kinda sorta mixed up enough to make sealed decks and give this set a run.

It's interesting to try and evaluate a set after doing so much work on it, tweaking as much as we could in order to achieve some balance and fun. All of that work was done in Theoryland, so to have people take these ideas to task in the real world and see if they break is a different turn of events. Since we only did sealed matches, it was a little harder to understand how these cards might work in a constructed format but with a solid sealed set, everyone felt we were well on our way to something that might actually exist.

Which is a pretty cool thing.

But the basics came to this: Mindstrike has serious potential, doing OK even in Sealed, Feint is a good ability that needs to be watched when we put it on creatures because that can easily create an overwhelming position where the opponent's Feint spells don't matter and Evidence cards should have a fingerprint watermark on them, because that's frikkin' cool. (The Evidence cards were solid but not 'remarkable', if you will.)

Most importantly, people had fun: while there were suggestions and concerns about some cards, there wasn't anything obviously wrong or obviously broken in what players saw, and everyone had a good time.

That is a very cool thing.

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