Wednesday, April 18, 2012


In my spare time, I've been helping a buddy of mine design a Magic set named Soradyne. This weekend I'm off to Seattle to give it a test run. You can take a look at the set here: it's a solid set that has some good ideas behind it.

But in the last day or so I've suddenly had a concern that it doesn't have enough constructed worthy cards. By this I mean: my favorite Magic sets (Shadowmoor/Eventide, Zendikar, Mirrodin before it got batshit insane, Ravnica block, Invasion block) did one of two things: 1) laid out new areas to build decks in  or 2) brought cards that were useful in a meta sense.

In Invasion, color harmonies that hadn't been explored came up. Mirrodin brought the potential to use artifacts in totally different ways (until Affinity killed any creativity that could have been used.) Shadowmoor and Zendikar used concepts that players already knew and went back a long, long way, like playing lands or color pairings, in order to add to an area that hadn't really gotten it's due.

And I'm just not sure if we're doing that, yet. But this is what testing is for!

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