Tuesday, May 15, 2012

All the money in the world won't keep the diggers from my grave

We start our day up against a R/B bloodthirst deck. I managed to have a Thermal Glider in hand to hold off the turn 1 Vexing Devil and from there, I got a Cho-Manno and Angelic Voices to utterly stall the ground war. Soon after I began swinging for 4 in the air and that was that..

In game 2, he started with an Aether Vial which I Abolish. Follows up with a Duskhunter Bat and I respond with Lin Sivvi. After I take one in the air, a Vampire Outcasts arrives, which  I'm able to shut down with Bound in Silence.

Let's hear it for Bound in Silence.

But after another swing for 1, I face a Blood Ogre and I don't have multiple copies of Bound in Silence. I'm concerned that I'm going to be taking a lot very soon, however he's unable to kill Lin Sivvi and once I've got Nightwind and Thermal Glider up and my army just amasses and swings.

In the next game, I'm up against zombies and I get blown out in game 2 because I cannot get the 5th Plains to cast Hallowed Burial. Recurring Gempalm Polluter does me in. I started off strong with a turn 2 Shared Triumph and Ramosian Sargent but I couldn't follow up on that and I got a second Hallowed Burial instead of a Plains on his alpha swing. Hard to die that way, especially after holding out for quite a few turns, holding off the swarm with pro-black creatures dug up by Lin Sivvi but sometimes that's the way it goes.

Next game starts off a little better for me at first but a Zombie Apocalypse removes my early advantage. I remove his advantage with Hallowed Burial and we start over.

Whew! With a Crusade on the board I start to use my Squadron Hawk to get another Lin Sivvi in response to it meeting a Nameless Inversion. At that point, I'm digging by pro-black creatures back up and he can't stop it.

Better lucky than good, sometimes.

Finally, facing a G/B undying deck, I once again found myself looking for my pro black creatures to pull me through. Hallowed Burial once again was an all star until game 2 when he dropped Griselbrand on me.

Holy crap that card is good. He was nearly able to rebound because of it, drawing a fresh seat of 7 and quickly rebuilding the army. Nevertheless I still managed to overcome, which was just as much luck as skill. In my favor: He didn't have a way to gain life due to pro-black creatures to block, so recovering from his draw was pretty difficult.


  1. I run Griselbrand in my BRG Standard Deck he's the rockstar of the deck :p

    1. Reanimation? Because I can't imagine it's easy to produce 4 black mana in a 3 color deck.