Thursday, May 3, 2012


While others are probably going to engage in the release events, I'm going to a friend's place to do sealed and drink beer.

It's a complicated life, I know.

That said, the article at Gathering Magic on AR sealed does seem to have some neat thought experiments about what could be done. I know I won't be able to count on as strong a white pool because the format is Innistrad block + M12 sealed and I'm planning on getting some M12 to go with my Avacyn Restored.

That said; things that do bad stuff to White-specifically in Red and Black-will hold a little more weight for me. If I get a Combust, for example, I might prize the red a little more than I ought to.

One of the reasons I like Sealed, however, is that I have to evaluate cards differently. I may not open a Combust: What then? My opponents may be a bit more psyched about the glory of cool things, giving me an opportunity to take advantage of a less seen path. Heck, I may get a whole lot of good Blue/Green.

Stop laughing! It could totally happen.
/it totally can't

Still, the important thing is to look at what you have, not what you wish you had or what is good in this sweet Angels deck you've been building for seven years or how dominant Tamiyo will be my deck that doesn't have any other removal.

For me, this usually means some kind of aggro and I like that. I'd like to pull away from it a bit: I have seen some control-ish builds that have knocked me flat, I just never seem to get the cards I need to feel comfortable building that kind of deck in Sealed. But we shall see. Decklists and 'cool plays, bro' on Tuesday!

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