Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Eat a little dirt

Despite my best efforts (read: I wanted to play more Mass Effect 3) I was unable to muster the gumption or inspiration to swap out Bone Shards from Scavenger. Which meant I went into last night's games with a subpar deck.

Now, I'm not one to judge on one game but my instinct about Bone Shards was absolutely correct: That card is bad. It might be considerable if it was an instant but....who am I kidding?

That card is awful. I have just been lax about fixing this deck.

So in a Two-Headed Giant game I've brought a knife to a gunfight in terms of removal. Worse, my draws consist of two Hapless Researchers, a Wingcrafter and a Urborg Elf, eventually getting me a Fungal Shambler.

And eight lands: Five forests, two Islands, and a Swamp. Plus, I discarded a Forest and a Phyrexian Lens to the Researcher triggers. No Splinterfright, no Lhurgoyf and my sole Shambler was taken down by a combination of Inferno Titan triggers and Black Sun's Zenith. Now, shit happens but the game ended with me having zero creatures and a Bone Splinters, with enough land to choke a Vorosh.

I may be looking for something too permanent. My partner in the 2HG game was playing Zombies and used Skinrender pretty effectively. While Skinrender may not kill every creature, it or a creature like it, could be invaluable in giving me time. It also plays nice with reanimation, if I need it to do so. The more I consider that, the more I like it and I think I'll be looking for something along those lines to add.

It's not always easy to think outside the box like that but on the other hand: I lost every game I played last night so maybe it's time to shake the noggin up a little bit.

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