Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Fall On My Enemies

First game vs Fuz: 2 Mt, Coretapper, Goblin Tinkerer, and expensive stuff.

He keeps bolting my guys and I keep laying them, and by turn I don't know, he's got 7 lands to my 3 yet I've hit him for 16. Eventually I play a Koth

This game was like a mystery. I don't know why I won, I just did.

Game 2 I led with Mountain, Serpent but with a Goblin Tinkerer and a Coils in hand I'm not sure if that was right. I end up with Tinker turn 2, Coils turn three. A Gelectrode comes out but I'm not sure what's going to happen until my Coils is destroyed and my Spark elemental and Coretapper die.

I see the mistake immediately: I should've led with the Seal of Fire I had in hand and destroyed the Gelectrode before he had a chance to double down.

Eventually, his table is bad and he has to Pyroclasm out of desperation and it works for a little while but eventually I run him over.

Then there was the pictured game where the Coils would trigger and with Fuz having nothing on the board I was attacking for 15.

Then there was the game where Cockatrice crashed.

So I didn't get much testing in on this one yet but that's OK! I'm going to do a little retrospective of the recent decks I've been playing and talk about how some of them have evolved, which should include this one and (if I can remember) matchups! Or maybe just winging it. We'll see!

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