Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hard Time Killing Floor Blues

I frequently try to name my monochrome decks with some kind of title that has the color of the deck in there. Hence, Hard Time Killing Floor Blues for this aggro blue deck.

That's right, aggro blue.
2 Flying Men
3 Vexing Sphinx
3 Wormfang Drake
3 Briarberry Cohort
3 Thought Eater
2 Gossamer Phantasm
3 Spindrift Drake
3 Cloud of Faeries
2 Hunted Phantasm

4 Echoing Truth
2 Dissipate

3 Curiosity
4 Standstill
19 Island
2 Saprazzan Skerry
2 Svyelunite Temple
Anyone playing Magic long enough will eventually have a collection that will allow them to bend colors into deck archetypes that they wouldn't fit in. Eventually I just had enough cards and the idea is strange enough that I figured I'd give it a go. There have been more aggressive blue decks in the past and they were frequently tribal, notably Merfolk (which is still a thing!) but I wanted to do something a little different because that's my way.

The aggressive game in Blue doesn't always work but this is a pretty solid method of getting it to work: cheap flying creatures, card draw and just a hint of disruption, instead of pump. If you can get down a 1/1 or a 2/1 creature with a Standstill and nothing else is on the board, most players are going to hesitate letting you draw three more cards just to kill such a nuisance. They shouldn't, but they often will because hey, that can't kill them right now...

But then they go to 15 life or lower and all I've done is play land and wait and the panic starts to set in and they have to do something. So they do whatever it is they do and I draw three cards, drop 4 flyers and hit them for 8 the next turn. It's not a bad way to go. Let's see how she does.

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