Thursday, January 10, 2013


Finally! New year, new deck. And what a hot mess this deck is:
2 Hurricane
2 Earthquake
4 Guided Passage
2 Fabricate 
4 Peek
2 Sudden Impact
4 Echoing Truth
4 Vision Skeins
2 Storm Seeker
4 Blood Oath 
3 Indrik Stomphowler
2 Intet, the Dreamer 
1 Jester's Mask 
4 Rupture Spire
7 Island
7 Mountain
6 Forest

The title wasn't even picked out for thematic reasons, I just think the Melvins are awesome. With that admission out of the way, I think we can see how I don't really have anything set up or consistent ideas.

This started off as a Guided Passage deck, being built because I wanted to make a RUG deck and I needed something to tie it together. After years and years of play, I recognize that Guided Passage is really a multiplayer card. It offers some fantastic opportunities in a format like Commander but in 1v1 matches it really just gives my opponent the opportunity to look through my deck and screw me over.

The deck needed a win condition though so I gave it one: damage via Sudden Impact, Storm Seeker and Blood Oath. Then I thought: it would be awesome to make someone's hand all lands! However, since I only had one Jester's Mask I needed to add in cards that could find it. Guided Passage does that, sorta-kinda! But what it really does is allow my the chance to make me work even harder to win.

With a win condition like Manky's giving my opponent opportunities like that just doesn't help. So I'm not even going to playtest this deck as is: let's just go straight into the change up part so I can do something interesting. 

Out: 4 Guided Passage, 2 Fabricate, Jester's Mask, 3 Indrik Stomphowler.

In: 4 Runeflare Trap, 3 Rampant Growth, 3 Arcane Denial.

Additional win conditions, mana fixing and countermagic that suggests my opponent draw cards, which I hope feeds into the win condition. I'll run with this and see what happens.

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