Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Well, It Worked One Time

Which is about all I can  tell you.

What can I say? The cat herding didn't quite work out and I was able to play only one matchup over the long weekend. Adults have lives that don't involve Magic or beer and it puzzles me.

So the matchup I got to play against was my girlfriend's B/W cat deck and I was able to take the match, 2-1. I lost the first game after using a Volcanic Spray for two creatures, one of which was as Black Cat. The random discard was a Forest and in the last turn of the game, I was unable to cast a critical spell-one mana short-which sealed it against the wave of cats.

In the second game, I had enough mana to cast Cyclonic Rift on her turn, putting all the cats back in her hand, which lead to casting Storm Seeker then Blood Oath, winning the game.

The third game had me using the information from Peek to bait a Seht's Tiger with a Storm Seeker. I responded to the Tiger with Arcane Denial, untapped and cast another Storm Seeker, which was enough to win it.

The upsides are: I had enough mana, Cyclonic Rift did what it was supposed to do, and Peek has been showing me that opponents are often stuck with creature removal in hand. The downside: I just haven't tested it against enough decks.

It's going to stay in the box to play but two weeks are up and it's time to move on.

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