Tuesday, June 18, 2013

No Need To Waste Your Prayers On Me

stonethorn looked at my Isochron's Scepter and nodded, meaning the spell resolved. I put a Diabolic Edict on it and he said, "I scoop. Got nothing to beat that."

The rest of the table agreed that this was not a ragequit, so much as it was a stoicquit. I certainly don't blame him for saying 'fuck this'. If you don't have artifact removal and I get a turn 2 Edict on a stick, you're in for a long game. Playing something you know you will lose generally doesn't hold a lot of entertainment for anyone.

But that picture above? That's what happens when I don't get anything on a stick and am overrun by tiny creatures. That was vs Noah's pauper Faeries deck.

I had five outs in that game-three Damnation and two Hideous Laughter-and could not draw them. On top of that, Noah was able to out wait me with countermagic while I had to take damage. So something needs to change. Creature decks are everywhere and I need as many outs as I can get.

In the Faerie's matchup, my dead card was Twincast. I like Twincast, I think this is an appropriate deck for Twincast but; when people want to call the game off when I can cast a turn 2 Isochron's Scepter with a Diabolic Edict on it, then I think it behooves me to cut the Twincast and add more Edict and a second Enervate. More Edicts mean that I'm more likely to get the Scepter-Edict combo. More Enervate means that I'm buying twice the time as a delay tactic for my opponents and a draw step for myself. When I need a Hideous Laughter, I REALLY have to have one. So those are the changes I'll make and now, it's time to move on to another deck.

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