Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Modern Masters is out. It is, essentially, immune to criticism.

"They put weak cards in there!"

They have said it's a set that is meant to be drafted. Weak cards have to be put in draft sets because it is the only way to create the tension and balance required for good draft sets. Essentially, this is why you'll open up Feudkiller's Verdict instead of Flickewisp, Scion of Oona instead of Cryptic Command or Jugan the Rising Star instead of Tarmogoyf.

Insisting that there 'were better cards' is simply met with: Of course there are but we cannot balance the sealed environment with 100% better cards. Also; draft is where WotC makes the most money on product.

I should say that I don't resent them making a draftable environment here; I want them to make money. What I'm pointing out is that doing so means that they cannot be critiqued for including a host of weaker cards because the reply is simply 'imbalance' and customers pretty much have to accept that.

"They didn't print enough!"

They've said that they needed to do a limited print run in order to keep from flooding the secondary market. You still want local stores to play in, right? Then be quiet, citizen.

"The prices are all crazy!"

Yes, it's certainly not WotC's fault that boxes of MM contain less product yet cost over twice what a regular box does AT MSRP, nor that individual packs are suggested at $6.99-double the MSRP of a regular pack. Of course, the cost per pack will go up once the boxes arrive in stores; I've seen $10 for a pack-but I doubt it will stay there. Because every card is a good one! Culled from years of sets only to provide solid cards to help new players get into an Eternal format.

No, it's those filthy filthy retailers, and you, you horrible people ordering boxes for $300 a pop.

All in all I find this to be a pretty disgusting money grab, from WotC (who will make bank with Magic Online, on top of real world product) and the retailers, whom I can't entirely blame. The market has been deliberately shortened and the result is some Wild West bullshit, as far as I'm concerned. The limited print run seems to exacerbate the problem. Though the next month or so should clarify the picture, I am not hopeful.

What's worse is that I'd say about 90% of the hype for Modern Masters is about Tarmogoyf, a card that is apparently worth more than its weight in gold. And to make things ever darker for people on a budget, I don't think the prices are going to go down-or if they do, I don't think they will be reduced enough to create a reasonable price point for what is glorified cardboard. My money > less of my money rule invoked.

But you can't say anything bad about it that sticks. WotC is being gracious enough to reprint cards you love. Now go play the Tarmogoyf lottery.

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  1. The Tarmogoyf/gold thing makes me sad. Money ruins everything.

    That said, I'm probably going to go buy an ounce of gold now instead...