Thursday, September 12, 2013

And the crowd goes wild!

I managed to get a 2-Headed Giant game in with Hexagram and things worked out very nicely in the w/l column but left me with more questions. I was mana flooded, despite getting extra card draws off Spreading Seas and our opponents used some enchantments, which made the creature I could stick-a Veiled Sentry with Ancestral Mask-a real beating. Even when my creature finally died, the damage had been done and my partner could take up the slack with his B/G deck using Desecration Demon.

My next matchup was against a U/B mill deck Fuz was piloting. In game 1, he milled me down to nothing but I had a Words of Wind out, which lead to the mildly amusing scenario where I was able to ignore any draws I had to make and my creatures had juuuust enough that the whittling down would have won.

But in games 2 and 3, a Jace's Phantasm showed up early (or worse, multiple Phantasms) and I couldn't solve those problems. The mill effects easily defeated my Energy Field and I lost pretty rapidly.

Fuz suggested that I remove the Energy Field and put in something that could give my creature Hexproof or Shroud. The problem at the moment is layered: First, there really are only two cards worth it: Alpha Authority or Zephid's Embrace. The former because I could still cast Rancor or Ancestral Mask on my creature, the latter because the Embrace turns that creature into a threat. This kind of problem is exactly the thing that Theros might solve, once the block is complete.

However, I am reluctant to follow this advice because Second, I really don't have enough data on Energy Field to say if it's good or bad. Four games just isn't enough experience and the matchup against a mill deck is almost irrelevant because so few decks take that route.

Finally, I just don't have enough creatures. 10 creatures, including Veiled Sentry, doesn't give me enough targets for the 5 Auras I have. I feel as though I would be frequently confronted with situations where I have Auras but no creatures.

This may change, should Theros give me some creatures with Bestow that are cheap enough to cast and worth casting. The potential interactions are interesting here, so I'm keeping my eyes open for such a card. It may not appear for another couple sets, though so this might be a deck to revisit.

But I'm not done yet!

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