Thursday, September 19, 2013


Although my games with Hexagram are not finished, it's time to move on. Soon, I will do a 'roundup' post and talk about a few decks that I've tweaked since Close of Business (if you will). For now: I'm still testing Energy Field, I just need more games to do it in.

Next up, a deck that is an awful mess.
3 Dark Ritual
3 Incinerate
3 Necrologia
3 Terminate
3 Scorching Lava
1 Flame Javelin

3 Seismic Assault

2 Festering March

2 Dread
3 Manaforge Cinder
2 Murderous Redcap
3 Mogg Fanatic
2 Grim Lavamancer
3 Organ Grinder

3 Rakdos Carnarium
11 Mountain
2 Rocky Tar Pit
6 Swamp
2 Shadowblood Ridge
I named this deck Shrapnel, because I imagined the act of discarding lands to do damage to have a tie in with the word. Also: it's a cool Decepticon name.

Shrapnel's premise was this: get down a Seismic Assault, play Necrologia with a relative disregard for life total, and discard every land you could to do damage to kill the opponent. If I couldn't kill the opponent, then kill everything else and keep going. Organ Grinder and Grim Lavamancer could take everything I spit into the graveyard and extend the win condition, if needed.

This deck was built in the days before the Life from the Loam/Seismic Assault combo hit and I just never bothered to change the deck to that, because this is my idea, damnit. But somewhere in there, I lost the storyline. Dread? Murderous Redcap? These cards aren't helping me win. Festering March just...ugh. No.

Decks are too fast, these days and this deck isn't built to slow them down enough. So it's time to give this an overhaul!

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