Thursday, December 19, 2013

I'll Try To Break Your Back

Finally, I can get back to improving the new deck!

I brought My Curse to a Monday night session of beer and cards with Noah and played two matches with it. The first was against a mono-blue control deck and it went about as well as I would have expected. My Curse has some good things going for it but, as with so many decks, it pretty much folds against one that can simply say "No, you don't get to do that." Blue is still setting the benchmark to answer the question: Is this deck viable?

That doesn't mean it wasn't worthwhile, though. I had issues with getting the right color of mana that I hadn't noticed when playing with Fuz, which is always worrisome. 

The second matchup was against a mono-black deck and I had mana issues here, too. In this instance-pictured, with me having a bear of a time getting out of the way of my camera- I found myself losing game 2 because of a timely Ghost Quarter, a card I never expected to have to concern myself with.

But Noah two-for-one'd me, hitting my only land with a Fertile Growth and that hamstrung my deck. I spent the rest of the games struggling to find the colors or the acceleration I needed to keep myself in the game. Fortunately, land destruction isn't very common but Ghost Quarter is an often used answer to popular decks and may keep My Curse in check from being feared.

So I'm cutting Mesa Enchantress: as the only creature in the deck it will simply draw all the removal and I cannot protect it. There's no point in spending a turn trying to play the Enchantress and then hoping to draw cards off that, when what I need to be doing is building the fortress. Opponents will just kill the Enchantress and I will have wasted a turn.

Noah suggested Sigil of the Empty Throne, which I like quite a bit. Since it triggers whether or not my spells resolve, it becomes, like some of my curses, a must-counter spell. However, when I went to check the binder, no Sigils were awaiting me. That's surprising and annoying but it's also probably a blessing in disguise.

I had mana issues in both matchups with Noah and I ought to address that first. No matter how cool your deck is, it still sucks if it doesn't work. So I've added in another Copy Enchantment and Verdant Haven, along with two Mana Cylix. Cylix can double as a source of green in opening hands where I don't have any, along with providing me with colors I need to fix in a pinch. Plus, it's cheap and that's definitely a boon in a deck where so much costs five mana. 

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