Thursday, December 5, 2013

My Curse

I've been involved in a flurry of deckbuilding but have had trouble getting time to test the new ideas. I may have to become a bit more active in the Reddit Cockatrice forum, so I can find more people to play with. Timing is hard though: I have a life too--all that beer won't drink itself.

Still, I have three new decks to talk about, only one of which I've played so far. Which means I really only have one deck to talk about.

4 Sphere of Safety
3 Curse of Misfortunes
4 Curse of Thirst
3 Curse of Inertia
4 Curse of Death's Hold
3 Opalescence
4 Fertile Ground
3 Verdant Haven
3 Curse of Bloodletting
3 Curse of Exhaustion

4 Mesa Enchantress

5 Swamp
6 Plains
2 Island
3 Mountain
7 Forest

Named after the awesome Afghan Whigs song for, I hope, obvious reasons. My initial plan was to use Sphere of Safety to hold everyone off, Curse of Exhaustion and Death's Hold to slow them down, Fertile Ground and Verdant Haven to ramp the mana up (and buff Sphere) then drop Opalescence and swing with suddenly appearing 5/5s, using Curse of Inertia to tap my opponent's best stuff. Worst case, I could hide and let damage from Curse of Thirst win the game.

This is not how it played out. This is a 'fortress' deck, hiding behind the Sphere and the Curses in order to get down a Curse of Thirst and Curse of Bloodletting to do massive damage. Opalescence is actually my backup plan. This means some tweaking is in order.

The mana still needs to be adjusted, swapping a Mountain for a Swamp because I needed to play a Death's Hold more than I needed to play Bloodletting, a card that is only key in the endgame. A Curse of Bloodletting and an Opalescence can also be cut; a backup plan only needs to show up in the late game, and a Curse of Misfortunes meas that I can just shortcut a Bloodletting into play, instead of hardcasting it. Mesa Enchantress is one of those weird cards that I feel ought to work in this deck but I'm not sure matters. I'm keeping an eye on you and disruption may be more important than card draw.

I have an idea for some replacements of those cuts but I need some time to break this deck down a little, and I need to buy a few cards (I'm sort a Sphere of Safety if you can believe it) so this can be sleeved up and played in meatspace.

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  1. this is what happened to your Bitterheart witch Idea?