Thursday, February 27, 2014

BotG Draft 4-0

Sorry, everyone; I meant to get this out on Tuesday but I was sick as a dog. I'll try and get two posts up today so I'm back on schedule.

Built this in an all Born of the Gods draft:

4x Excoriate
Bolt of Keranos
Pinnacle of Rage

Glimpse the Sun God
Fated Retribution
Acolyte's Reward
2x Fall of the Hammer

2x Loyal Pegasus
2x Impetuous Sunchaser
Great Hart
God-Favored General
Hero of Iroas
Akroan Skyguard
Akroan Phalanx
Reckless Reveler
Thunder Brute
Pharagax Giant
Eidolon of Countless Battles
Brimaz, King of Oreskos

9 Plains
7 Mountains

And, uh, it was pretty insane. Now, I was a little lucky because in a 10 person event, we were split into two five-person pods. That means that normally, 4x Excoriate is not going to come my way. In addition, with no Theros to break it up, the consistency levels were off the scale. Still, this was as good a setup as I could ever ask for and it paid off because not only did I go 4-0, I won all my matches straight out, 2-0.

My sideboard consisted of Dawn to Dusk and Scouring Sands. It wasn't much but it was enough to get me there.

What was surprising to me was how often Impetuous Sunchaser did great work. It was annoying how little damage was being dealt but opponents kept having issues with it. Combined with the occasional awesomeness of Akroan Phalanx, I was able to get a lot of pressure put on people who played against me.

RW aggro seems to be way, way better right now than RB or RG aggro, which is...a little weird but OK, we can run with that.

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