Thursday, February 20, 2014


So I left Laserbeak with the intention of revising it from an aggro deck to a utility deck with the ability to boost those weaker creatures. I like this concept and the aggro black cards will find a home elsewhere, I know it. Before I move on to the next deck, I want to show off what it looks like now.
3 Spectral Lynx
3 Wildfire Emissary
2 Boros Guildmage
4 Yixlid Jailer
3 Cloudchaser Eagle
3 Viashino Heretic
4 Imposing Sovereign
          4 Fervent Charge
4 Meekstone

4 Terramorphic Expanse
6 Swamp
7 Plains
6 Mountain
So; why these changes? When I had the deck analyzed at, it appeared I needed more white than black, so I increased the Plains by one--but no more, because I want to be able to regenerate Spectral Lynx at will. Spectral Lynx, Boros Guildmage and Wildfire Emissary are the only creatures to survive Laserbeak's initial draft, actually and it's because of their rare protection values. Moving to the rest (sans Imposing Sovereign because we know why that's there).

Yiklid Jailer can handle multiple graveyard issues, forcing removal to target it before cards like Snapcaster Mage or any dredge card or, yes, Gaea's Blessing, become useful.

Viashino Heretic: it was either this or something that destroyed non-basic lands. Both can be problematic but the Heretic had two advantages: first, it does damage if the ability gets activated. This means there is a potential non-combat way to win, or at least a way to chew through problems and whittle opponents down. The second advantage was the 3 toughness. Most creatures destroying lands in red have 1, or echo, or are too big. With Fervent Charge, a 3/5 creature is tougher to kill than a 3/3. I also chose this over a one-shot effect like Hearth Kami because I don't want to lose my creatures; they're the best chance I have to win.

Finally, Cloudchaser Eagle. Once I cut the Fledgling Djinns, I wanted to have at least one difficult-to-block creature in here and white is the only way I have to deal with enchantments, so it seems like the best choice. I have to play carefully with it, because it will destroy a Fevered Charge if there are no other targets but with Theros block bringing so many new enchantments to the game, hopefully I won't lack for targets-potentially even creatures, too.

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