Thursday, September 11, 2014

Week 1, 4-0

My round 2 game 2 boardstate
4-0 is a pretty good week. I had mana issues in the first game of my first match, mulliganing down to five and keeping a two land hand; (the only lands I would see for that game) but aside from that I had the mana that I needed.

My opponents were as smart as I was, though, with decks packed with mana and for the most part, their decks worked well too. I probably won three games due to mana issues on the part of my opponent but that feels normal; I didn't sweep any of my matches because my opponents had mana issues.

The two workhorse cards for the day were Stab Wound and Tower Defense, saving me from flyers, making my blocks opportunistic and wearing down my opponents little by little. Not bad at all.

Let's open the pack of Theros:

Warriors' Lesson
Voyaging Satyr

Yoked Ox
Glare of Heresy

March of the Returned
Fleshmad Steed

Titan's Strength
Borderland Minotaur
Deathbellow Raider
Lightning Strike


Destructive Revelry

Temple of Abandon

Holy crap, what a bunch of junk. For the record, this would be the second pack in 5 packs where a rare was a land (the Overgrown Tomb being the first, even if it is a foil).

My inclination is to maindeck the Destructive Revelry but I think that's a terrible idea. What I would really like to do is increase my creature/threat count and the only color that provides me anything here is red. What I think I can do, though, is get this down to 25 lands and 60 cards total, with the addition of Deathbellow Raider, Lightning Strike and Temple of Abandon and removing Down/Dirty, two lands, Deviant Glee and...something else. Guildscorn Ward may come out for sideboard cards but it's too soon to pull it right now; decks are still mostly Ravnica block and thus multicolor oriented.

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