Thursday, July 21, 2016

Fight for Right Against Wrong

Man, it's even worse than I thought.

I had games against mono-U Phantasms, Goblins, Squirrels and and RB Rakdos demon deck.

I lost all of those matches. Every single one.

So the answer to the question, why, I think starts here:

11 mana on the table, one in hand, nothing on board before I conceded.

Let's look again:

Three dragons in hand, six mana on the table, no way to overcome three flying 5/5s. Again, zero other permanents on the table.

Point 1: I may have too much mana production.

Point 2: I may not have appropriate removal. Why do my opponents get 5/5s and I don't? Why are there hordes of squirrel tokens dying along with my one dragon?

The following tweaks:

-3 Radiant Flames
-1 Rorix Bladewing

+4 Crux of Fate.

I spoke about Crux of Fate last time and these four matches have demonstrated to me that I absolutely need to do something else. I have rarely felt so out of games I've been playing and for fairly consistent reasons too: plenty of mana, nothing to do. I had hoped that Painful Truths would provide me with the fuel to keep my deck going but instead it's just offered me more fuel.

I'm reluctant to cut lands but maybe a couple more Dragonlord's Servants to add in another Thunderbreak Regent and perhaps a Thundermaw Hellkite might be reasonable. But until I can actually get wins racked up via dragons, no other additions matter.

Also, I'm going to be out of town next week, so there won't be any posts. Catch everyone in August!

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