Thursday, November 3, 2016

Strange Television Distortion

I have started off my evaluation of The Boys Got That Look by looking at what's new with Madness. Looking over the list, it's a little grim, given my color combination. Chilling Grasp costs more with the Madness cost; there are a ton of black cards that won't fit the color scheme at all, there are no green cards to add, and there isn't another red creature with stats comparable to Reckless Wurm. Many of the other red cards are tied into vampires and that's not super helpful either, with the possible exception of Stromkirk Occultist.

That leaves me with not too many options: Just the Wind, Welcome to the Fold, Abandon Reason and Avacyn's Judgement stand out.

So, maybe I should look at this from a different angle?

Let's look at what cards in my colors want me to discard for an effect. There's only 455 of them, what can it hurt?

Man. That's a pretty nuts list and it really needs to be whittled down, somehow. So OK: let's take a look at The Boys.

Everything that I want to play stops at three mana. Wonder isn't ever meant to be played: It's graveyard bound so all my stuff flies and if I have to actually cast the card, I'm in trouble. Arrogant and Reckless Wurm are supposed to be played via Madness: again, if I have to play them the hard way, I'm likely losing that game already.

So if I narrow things down to cards with a converted mana cost of three or less my list gets shortened to...279 cards. Which is still pretty daunting but does cut a big chunk away. Eliminating the word "random", a common drawback for many red cards and one I haven't built the deck to play around, brings this to 257.

Unfortunately, even with a list narrowed down to a manageable number, my choices are pretty grim. There really isn't much to add, which makes this a bit of a pickle.

Maybe I need to look into cards that can be played from the graveyard? In R/U that generally means Flashback but in Green there might be more options. Unearth may also provide some buttress to my deck, especially if I can find some solid tempo cards to put me ahead. Scourge Devil looks especially promising, although it definitely wants a Wonder in the graveyard to make it really good.

May have to run it by some friends, too, see if they have any ideas.

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