Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Good Guys Cuttin' And Runnin'

I may have been too hasty in my attempt to improve The Boys. It's a pretty common mistake: Are the cards I'm playing good enough, vs Can I play my cards?

And I am having trouble playing my cards. Which means mana issues. Given that I'm playing a three color deck with minimal fixing and zero dual lands, I really should have started there first. But in testing with Noah and Fuz, I repeatedly had color issues and couldn't play the cards I was hoping to play.

I did fair against a U/W Spirits deck Fuz was piloting while still noting said issues but as you can see in this picture, once his G/B Infect deck arrived there wasn't much for me to do except die.

Games went similarly against Noah: if I hit all my color drops, I had a deck that could pose a threat but it couldn't close. This is one reason why I started looking at my other card selection first. Color screw happens, so I didn't think it was noteworthy until it happened repeatedly.

Which is something I kept in mind while playing Lauriel, even though I won our matches.

Because even though I was fortunate enough to hit my land and color drops, she wasn't and it allowed me to ride an Aquamoeba to victory. I am not trying to revel in her defeat: I want to take this lesson in so I learn from the example.

Tri-color wedge lands, like ones that would produce RUG are difficult to come by, though. Khans block had a limited run and I've used them in other decks already. But what I know for sure is that my suite of Kodama's Reach and Wayfarer's Bauble isn't quite what I want.

So maybe Evolving Wilds?

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